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The conversation I want to have with my child one day....

Let's suspend reality for a moment and assume that I had a child born this year.  I'm not going to say boy or girl because rabid Browns fans come in both genders.  Since I am not married, engaged or currently dating a woman that is pregnant, I'm not going to have a child born this year but please go with me on this one.

The year is 2020.  My child and I are watching Browns football.  They are enjoying the game as usual.  Because the Browns are winning as usual.  They've really never known a time when the Browns weren't good.  Kind of like a child born in the 40's or 50's.  They really didn't know that Browns football was anything but stellar (that is until they grew up and then experienced the 70's and beyond).

But I digress.....

My child tells me that "Wow, I just love the Browns.  They're awesome.  The best team ever."

Me:  "Yes but I remember a time when it was painful to watch a game.  They were nearly unwatchable.  The offense couldn't run or pass.  The defense couldn't stop anyone.  They kept making bad draft choice after draft choice.  Their free agents didn't usually work out and they changed management teams as often as I change socks."

Child:  "No way.  Coach Mangini is the best coach in the league and with Tom Heckert drafting and picking free agents, they are awesome.  Plus Mr. Holmgren always keeps everyone in line."

Me:  "Yeah, I remember when they were all hired.  I didn't like Coach Mangini at first but I came to realize he was a good coach but just too overwhelmed when he began in 2009.  He needed help from people that really knew what they were doing and Tom Heckert and Mr. Holmgren really gave him a lot of support and what he needed.  The team used to struggle to win 4 or 5 games a year and they rarely beat Pittsburgh back then."

Child:  "They had trouble beating Pittsburgh?  That team is terrible.  They never even get that stadium half filled."

Me:  "Yeah, it was reversed back then. Pittsburgh was winning championships and going to the playoffs like Cleveland does now."

Child:  "I don't believe you.  There is NO way that Pittsburgh was any good and that the Browns were that bad.  Now Daaaaadddddd.....stop talking.  The Super Bowl is about to start and you know I don't like to miss anything the announcers say about the Browns."

Wouldn't that be a nice conversation to have in 2020?  I may not have a child to have that conversation with in 2020 but I hope that some father and child are having that exact dialogue 10 years from now.

How sweet would that be?


  1. I can't WAIT to have that talk with my kid!

  2. LOL I'm a DIE HARD and that still has got to be the funniest thing I'v ever heard! Oh, to dare to dream the dream!

  3. You and I have had the same dream, only I believe that what I've seen are visions of the future. Growing up as a BROWNS Fan in squealer territory has always been difficult for me. I truely believe, however, that the team from western PA is entering a stage of evolution unseen by yinzers since many of their births. I see the team entering a 30 year loosing slump with what you'd described as your child stating future truths. In that 30 year period, our BROWNS win 10 Superbowls! Like you I am a bit skeptical, but go with your gut man!

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