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It Will Be Nice To Be Rid Of Winter.....But

I'm looking forward to the Super Bowl but then we don't have a meaningful football game to watch until September.

I used to get really excited for the draft and while I'm still into it, it's just not the same now that they've shifted round 3 into day #2.  I used to like to start the draft at noon and then veg out in front of the TV all day on Saturday.  The new format is just not the same to me but maybe I'll feel different this year.

Post Super Bowl up until game 1 of the NFL season is the worst sports time for me.  I like the Indians and Cavs and I sort of like March Madness when it hits the sweet 16 and beyond, but nothing compares to meaningful Browns games.  If I don't have meaningful Browns games to watch then any meaningful NFL game (outside of Steelers games) will do.  Ok, if the Steelers come up on the losing end of a game they really needed, I can get into that.

I can actually get into ANY game the Steelers lose but you get my drift.

I wish I could manufacture the same level of excitement that I get out of the Browns in specific and the NFL in general but nothing compares.

When you think about it, Colts fans have had a pretty damn good run.  Playoffs?  It's not a matter of whether you're going to see a playoff game as a Colts fan, its a matter of how deep your team will go.

To a certain extent Steeler fan and Patriots fan have had a similar run.

We as Browns fans?  We're just hoping to see football in January.

No, our goals are simpler than that.

We want to see a game that means something in NOVEMBER.

And now we wait once again.

As happy as I'll be to get rid of the snow, I still have to navigate the spring with a brief break for the draft, the long summer, and then finally it's Browns season again.

16 games and realistically only about 7 or so have any meaning for us fans with the state of the team.  What's that?  A little over 2 months of football to be excited about?  Throw in random news during the offseason and the draft and maybe, just maybe you can squeeze 3 months of meaning out of a Browns campaign.

It just goes to show.

Being a Browns fan is NOT for wimps.

1 comment:


    Old and tired is this topic. Why on Earth would you do this article when there is more hope and promise for a turn around. Even if there isn't any hope (on your end), this subject has been beaten as bad as the Browns have for the past 15 years. Next time your having writer's block... put the keyboard down and slowly back away.

    and GO CAVS! (best record in basketball and you can't get excited??? Are you from Cleveland?).