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Browns Thoughts

March 10, 2010

It has been a loooooooong time since I checked in. For that I apologize. I could make an excuse, but I learned long ago that excuses are like a******s. Everyone has them and they all stink. So without further ado, let me get into some thoughts on the Browns offseason thus far.

Josh Cribbs: Signing Josh to a restructured deal was a good move. The deal is fair. The NFL is uncapped for the foreseeable future. A big time fan favorite and legit Pro Bowl talent is happy. Also, the Browns sent a message to other players: if you perform well we are willing to work with you. I like this move. I like it a lot.

Free Agency: Scott Fujita and Tony Pashos were very good signings. Both are starting caliber players. Both are pros without off field problems. Both have starting experience on winning teams (we last saw Fujita starting for the Super Bowl champs). Both are veterans, but hardly too old (Fujita 30, Pashos 29). Both signed reasonable 3-year contracts. Fujita will start in the 3-4. Kamerion Wimbley, Matt Roth, and D'Qwell Jackson are my best bets to join Fujita. With Jason Trusnik, Eric Barton, and David Bowens providing really strong depth the linebacker position could be a real strength for Cleveland this season. A 1-5 nickel package with Shaun Rogers, Wimbly, Fujita, Roth, Jackson, and Trusnik should do a really good job of getting to the quarterback.

Pashos is a mauler with good size that can be plugged right in at right tackle. He is Ryan Tucker like. I don't think he is as good as Tucker, who was a hell of a player, but he has a similar skill set and isn't far behind what Tucker once was. Last year the right side of the offensive line was a hodgepodge of an aging Hank Fraley, overmatched John St. Clair, injured Rex Hadnot, and overwhelmed Floyd Womack. Adding Pashos is an upgrade. Right now, it looks like Pashos will start at right tackle and Womack at right guard. That is a lot of beef on the right side of the line, the side teams like to run to. Womack and Pashos are at least average starters. St. Clair was far below average and his deficiencies impacted the play of whoever played right guard. Now a line of Joe Thomas, Eric Steinbach, Alex Mack, Floyd Womack, and Tony Pashos is a very good group with no obvious holes for opponents to exploit.

Update (4:35 EST): Jake Delhomme is set to visit the Browns according to Jake Delhomme sucks. Getting rid of Derek Anderson for old man version of Jake Delhomme is like cleaning a blood stained white shirt with grape juice. It is not a good idea.

Quarterbacks: DA is thankfully gone. I have always found it completely classless to boo a player when he is hurt on the turf. I don't blame Anderson for being upset about that. I don't blame him for lashing out. I also don't care. DA is so maddeningly inconsistent. When he is bad he is abominable. He is good just enough that he can fool someone into letting him play. This is actually a bad thing because he eventually poops the bed and throws 17 picks in a row or something. He can throw the ball a mile. That's nice. There is more to playing quarterback in the NFL than throwing a ball far. Which ever teams signs Anderson, I feel bad for their fans.

Word on the street is Cleveland is shopping Brady Quinn but not necessarily looking to trade him. It sounds like they are letting the world know he is available but not just desperate to dump him or anything. I would still like to see Quinn actually get a full year to play quarterback. Since being a first round pick in 2007 Quinn's career has been derailed by 1) a stupid hold out 2) a coaching change 3) a season ending injury 4) an inexplicable benching in favor of Derek Anderson 5) another season ending injury. Now he has some experience and has had a little bit of success in the NFL. Just a little. He is also dirt cheap in 2010. He is still only 25. I think it is worth giving him one year to see what he can actually do. If he sucks, the team will draft high again and can take Jake Locker or some other top quarterback prospect. For the love of God I just want to find out about Quinn.

Seneca Wallace was a nice addition. He cost very little (A 2011 7th round pick that could become a 6th if he plays a certain amount. Not sure how a labor stoppage would impact this deal.) Wallace is a fine backup, a good teammate, and a good athlete. I don't really think he should start, but he was a nice addition.

Draft: I think the Browns need to take the best secondary player available at number 7. Hopefully, Eric Berry falls that far. The latest mock drafts from both Mel Kiper and Todd McShay on have Berry going to Kansas City at 5. If Berry isn't available, the Browns should take Joe Haden at 7. Slow 40 time be damned. He has proven his worth on the field for 3 years and the Browns desperately need a shut down corner to bookend with Eric Wright.

I also like the trade of Corey Williams to add a 5th rounder. 5th round picks can often turn into decent players. Tony Pashos was a 5th round pick. The Browns really can't whiff on a high draft pick this year (see: Veikune, David). The Browns pick 7th, 7th in round two, and twice in round 3. On a team like this, it is imperative that the first two picks are both starters. The two third rounders should also be guys who can help this year. With all these later picks (including 1/8th of the entire 5th round) the Browns have plenty of picks to take guys for a year or two from now. Those first four picks should be guys who can help from Day 1 of 2010.

Jack Bacevice


  1. I agree with Jack that the Browns should give Quinn a full season at QB. Quinn has been inconsistent, but he has been very good at times the past two seasons. It's too early to pull the plug, and there doesn't seem to be a better option anyway (Delhomme certainly would not be an upgrade). Regardless of who the QB is, it would be nice if the Browns could strengthen their receiving corps...

  2. yeah, why do I feel like they are totally ignoring their WR situation?

  3. Exactly! - we need a WR that is large and in charge as a #1 - I wouldn't pass up the TO situation, you guys are saying hell no but he brings numbers in a non pass efficient bills team. He could mold Quinn into a okay QB with his size and ability to get open at his age. He can help Mass get open with hopefully, and I mean hopefully Robiskie in the slot.

    Quinn should get a full year, it would be too bad if he doesn't get the season to test his fate, but Seneca is a good player I wouldn't mind him starting for the Browns either with his agility and upside. I am from Iowa and hated to play Seneca when those two teams met. He makes defenses nervous with his speed, accuracy on the run as the defense comitts to the run, and agility. Whatever happens I will still be a die hard fan.

    I wouldn't mind looking at pike or lefevour if available in later rounds for future molding of QB's. If we trade the 7th overall pick for a later first and other rounds/players, I wouldn't mind Kyle Wilson or Earl Thomas in that position. Regardless of who we get in the first we need to be smart with the draft.