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More Browns Thoughts

March 12, 2010

Following up my wildly successful return to this site (3 comments and counting!) the Browns keep doing free agent stuff so I need to throw out some opinions...

Jake Delhomme: In 2006 the Indians signed a "starting pitcher" from the Tigers to fill out their rotation. His name was Jason Johnson. He had a long history of sucking. He had sucked for awhile. He sucked. Yet he had pitched in the big leagues for a few years (I don't remember how many, something like 5). He had sucked every year. He had one season that was below average. That was as good as it got. Below average. He was basically DA without the one inexplicable great year. The Indians gave him a few million dollars. The Indians are cost conscious. Instead of promoting a decent AAA arm on the cheap and hoping he treads water they signed Jason Johnson for some number of millions (3.5 million according to Do you know what the Indians got for 3.5 million dollars??? 14 GS, 3-8, 5.96 ERA. Oh and the word is everyone is the clubhouse hated him. Should this have surprised the Indians? Well, In 2005 JJ was 8-13 with a 4.54 ERA. Crappy but not horrible. In 2004 JJ was 8-15 with a 5.13 ERA. Pretty awful. Oh and the Tribe was coming off of 95 wins and a chic pick to win it all in 2006. Why didn't they? Well injuries. But moves like signing Jason Freaking Johnson to a 3.5 million dollar deal didn't help! I would have gone out and pooped the mound for like 5 grand. Bad, bad, bad, bad signing.

What does this have to do with the Browns?


No, he is not Jason Johnson. Jake Delhomme is actually a pretty solid QB, historically. For a solid stretch (2003-2006) he was an upper echelon NFL starter. That's something! I mean this guy was not Jason Johnson. He was legitimately good. This is all in past tense. His numbers were d-d-d-decent in 2008. He was also covered by the NFL's best running game and threw like 47 interceptions in the Panthers' 2nd round home playoff game against a 9-7 Cardinals team.

That is a red flag.

He then came out this year and went 178-321 (55%) 2015 yard and 8 TDs to 18 INTs!

He also turned 35 last month.

The proverbial bed has been pooped.

So what is with the Jason Johnson digression? Well it is two-fold. 1) I consider Jason Johnson one of the worst moves ever made by a team I rooted for. I have thought a lot about it. For like 4 years. It was horrible. Unjustifiable at the time. Proven to be moronic. I am still bitter about it and like to vent. 2) Delhomme signing would be comparably stupid, at least on the level of "obviously bad." (It would never compare to the sheer puktastic Johnson signing. At least Delhomme was decent at some point. Also, he probably won't sign for anything near 3.5 million.)

Stay away from Delhomme.

Justin Fargas: In a perfect world, Fargas would be 27. The world isn't perfect so he is 30. However, the Raiders haven't run him ragged for the past 7 years. (827 total carries, only 2 seasons of 200 or more) Fargas has size and speed and can compliment Jerome Harrison well. He sort of reminds me of a poor man's Thomas Jones, right down to the under use earlier in the career helping to allow success in their 30s. At least I hope so for Fargas. He also would probably be willing to get paid like a poor Thomas Jones.

I think he would be a good pickup.

Ben Watson: Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease bring this guy in (if the price is not ridiculous). He can catch passes from the tight end spot and comes from a winning organization. The Browns tight ends next year are... glorified guard Robert Royal and.. uh.. Steve Heiden? I wish. 2006 Steve Heiden with 2006 Jake Delhomme would be a great combo. Too bad it is 2010. Martin Rucker? No, no. Greg Estandia? Or however you spell it. Michael Gaines? What is your plan? Get Ben Watson!

Brady Quinn: Trading Quinn for a 4th rounder, as suggested could happen, would be really dumb. Quinn is cheap. He is young. There is a very real chance he could still develop into a solid NFL player. He did not thrown 10 more INTs than TDs last season (like Delhomme). In fact, he had more TDs than INTs! He is not that bad. He is at least 76 times better than DA and 4 teams supposedly want him (proving that intelligence and the ability to evaluate history and assimilate it into your thoughts and opinions have pretty much nothing to do with becoming an NFL GM).

Apparently Donovan McNabb and unproven-Tom-Heckert-fave Kevin Kolb are not available for anything less that the number 7 pick in the draft.

The free agent crop sucks at QB.

Even if you think Quinn sucks, he beats the reasonable alternatives.

He could still be decent.

Give Quinn a chance. A real chance. With a whole offseason and no QB competition and everything. Maybe he sucks. The thing is we don't know yet!

Mangini let DA start like 5 times or something after it was crystal clear he sucked. Based on that a guy who might not suck deserves at least a season.

Jack Bacevice


  1. Last credible report out of Philly said the Eagles want 2 first round picks for Kolb and 1 first rounder for McNabb.

  2. The only way I would sign Delhomme at this point is in a position where you know he is going to be the backup and likely never to get in. For instance if the Colts want him to ride pine behind Manning and maybe finish out a couple of games, more power to them but the Browns shouldn't go near him. Just what this team needs a QB controversy between a guy who looks pretty washed up and likely Quinn. Some people will say Warner was able to revive his career but at his best Warner was always better than Delhomme.
    In my opinion the Browns need to keep drafting QB's untill they find a really good one,although I still think Quinn might work out. The Bears proved that it won't always work out to trade a slew of picks for a QB and your set. My motto draft QB and repeat, you don't always have to draft the QB in the first round every year, you are bound to find one at somepoint.

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