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Tim Tebow, in Buckeye Country??? I Got a Feeling...

By: Jeremy Poe
Flashback three years to the 2007 NFL Draft...

Phil Savage, then the GM, struck a deal with the devil, no not Satan himself, but close ... yeah, that guy, Jerry Jones. Savage, upon pulling off what seemed to be an improbable feat by acquiring two of the top five talents in that year's draft, stated in his press conference afterward that this was the day that put the Cleveland Browns back on the map! Not only had he passed on home-grown golden boy Brady Quinn to take bassmaster Joe Thomas with the 3rd overall pick, but later returned with the golden-domer in his other hand.

Now after a three year rollercoaster ride, the beloved and beleaguered franchise we pour our hearts, tears, and beers into has returned to the station.

With Quinn now sent packing for the land of Coors, an over-the-hill defeated former super bowl quarterback, and a largely unproven and undersized signal caller later, the Browns continue their Where's Waldo? hunt for a franchise QB.

Within the last week, there has been a lot of rumbling about a Tim Tebow-Mike Holmgren football marriage set to take place with one of the Browns second round draft choices. Who would've ever imagined the possibility of one of the most hated college football stars in Buckeye country making his professional home amongst those same group of "haters." They say keep your enemies closer, but whoa! That's REALLY close!

In mulling this possibility over in my head, the more I think about it, the more reasons pop into my head that say this is exactly what is going to happen.

1. They signed a 35-year-old veteran has-been quarterback

2. They don't have a young QB to groom after trading Quinn.

3. Tebow is a winner!

4. Delhomme was signed to a 2 year deal, allowing time for Tebow to learn.

5. They also traded for Seneca Wallace, a viable backup QB in case the Ragin' Cajun doesn't hold up.

6. Tebow is a winner!

7. Tebow is extremely intelligent, is very athletic, and is a born leader.

8. He thrives on the big stage, and handles the pressure of the media with class and professionalism.

9. Tebow is a winner! (sorry Browns, enough said!)

As much as I personally could not stand all of the praise and accolades that Tim Tebow received as a Florida Gator, if he can be the guy that finally gets this once dominant football powerhouse back to its glory, all will be forgotten by any of us faithful Buckeye lovers!

Obviously, there is the possibility that the Browns use the 7th overall pick on Sam Bradford if he falls or move up to get him, but that is not likely. The St. Louis Rams are said to be targeting him with the #1 overall pick seeing as how they also don't have a young QB to build around. So Browns fans, start reserving your #15 jerseys now!


  1. Hopefully the Browns can get either Eric Berry or Joe Haden in Round 1 to improve the secondary AND get Tebow in Round 2. Tebow would be an intriguing pick, but I think he's way too risky to take at #7 overall.

  2. The only scary thought in all this is that we are seeing lots of highly successful kids come out of college into the pros with the same resume, only to flounder as pros. Pat White, Troy Smith, Vince Young are examples. The question really is...would Tebow become a successful Pro style player....

  3. Tebow's extremely low score in the Wonderlic has me wondering about his intelligence. I think Dez Bryant is the best pick for us, although he does have a risky side. We need playmakers desperately. We can select WR Jacoby Ford with our first third-round pick if he's still there. I think we're O.K. at RB, TE, and CB now. So maybe a pass rushing DE or OLB (or two) and a safety. We can take a flyer on one of the 3rd to 5th rounders we have on a QB. We're going to get better despite all of the negative souls around here.

  4. I've had a gut feeling about the Browns acquiring Tebow...time will tell...