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2010 Draft Round 1

April 23, 2010

Well I chose not to do a mock draft because everyone else does one and I didn't think I could put the proper time in. That doesn't mean I don't have thoughts on the draft. I have a lot of thoughts. Here are some:

The NFL pisses me off by moving the draft to prime time. Seriously, it sucks. I love the draft, but it isn't more important for me to watch then say my favorite basketball team playing a freaking playoff game, or even a regular season April game for my favorite baseball team (even if they do suck). Most people who are into football enough to watch the draft probably enjoy other sports as well. In late April, we have meaningful major league baseball where it is too early for any team to be out (except the Pirates) and NBA Playoffs and NHL Playoffs. Sorry NFL, but most sports fan can't watch the draft in prime time. As a sports fan I am extremely angry the NFL took the draft and put it in prime time. Commissioner Roger said they did it so more fans could experience it. Bullcrap. The Commish has got to be way to smart to really think that, right? The NFL Draft, for all its awesomeness, is still an ancillary event. It is second to actual games that matter. In late April, sports is offering fans tons of games that matter. Those games are played at night dude. Plus, how many fans who wanted to watch the draft were missing it because of their super busy Saturday afternoons? If you do have a job that requires you to work then, it is quite likely you may have to work on Thursday and Friday nights as well. Moving the draft to Thursday nights sucks. It just pisses me, and I am sure a bunch of other people, off.

Joe Haden will be a really good player and I am going to immediately compare him to Joe Thomas. Joe Thomas is awesome. He is probably the best left tackle in the NFL. He is well on his way to a Canton-style career. The Browns picking him was a mistake. This is not a knock on Joe Thomas. It has absolutely nothing to do with Thomas. It's just Adrian Peterson was available. AP is good enough to give you a puncher's chance every week. Thomas will always shut down the opposition's best pass rusher, but some else still has to throw it, or otherwise score touchdowns. Joe Haden will probably be awesome but the Browns made a big mistake by not moving up two spots and grabbing Eric Berry. According to the PD, the Browns didn't even explore the option. Big mistake. Safeties are big time in the NFL today. Bigger than corners. Don't believe me? Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu and Nnamdi Asomugha and Darrelle Revis. Those are the two best safeties and two best corners in the NFL. The two best safeties are better players. They can impact the game a lot more. A top corner can shut down a top receiver, yes, but an opponent can just avoid throwing at a top corner. Top safeties fly all over the field and make plays in every aspect of the game on every down. Safeties are more valuable. It isn't the conventional thinking, but it is the reality. Haden may be an Asomugha/Revis, Berry may be a Reed/Polamalu. This is in no way a knock on Joe Haden. I would just much rather have the best safety over the best corner.

That being said the Browns did majorly improve their defense by taking the best cover guy in the draft. Now the Browns have three very good cover guy with the acquisition of Sheldon Brown and holdover Eric Wright. Maybe Brown can play some safety, I don't know. Regardless, when teams spread the field, the Browns now have excellent personnel to combat that. In addition, with three high quality cover guys our crazy DC is able to unleash more crazy blitzes and crazy looks for the opposing offense to deal with. Mangini said something about the pick of Haden to the effect that you can never have enough good corners. In this passing driven league that is so true.

Don't even consider Jimmy Clausen just grab Colt McCoy. He is a little small but he is no midget. He has a good enough arm and is very accurate and competitive. He isn't a diva. I don't think he showed up at Texas in a limo. He did win game a lot of games when he got to Texas (not so much with Clausen in South Bend). McCoy can bide his time for a year or maybe two tops on the bench and be ready to start for the Browns in 2011 or 2012. He is accurate and will take care of the football. His teammates will like and respect him. I don't care about his size, McCoy is the guy.

One last thought...

Denver, what were you thinking? Regardless of my thinking that Tebow is not going to ever be a good NFL quarterback, but couldn't Denver have grabbed him in the second round sometime? The Draft is about taking the best possible player at the latest possible time. Sometimes you have to move up, but you want to move up as little as possible. Sooooooooo, couldn't Tebow be had in round two? Just saying...

Jack Bacevice

1 comment:

  1. I agree with you on the prime time thing, now I just had to piss people off by trying to switch back and forth. Hopefully the Browns can select Taylor Mays to address your safety question, I really like the guy and am surprised he is still on the board. I disagree with you on Joe Thomas, any other player taken I wouldn't but Thomas protects the QB he is only not the second most vital person on the field because the Browns haven't had a QB worth protecting. Thomas will play maybe 12 years at least with the Browns, AD fumbles and maybe has 5 more good years left.