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Browns Trades, Arrests, and Thoughts

April 2, 2010

Shuan Rogers was arrested for having a gun (I imagine in his carry-on bag) when trying to board an airplane. Athletes and guns have been a baaaaaad combo lately. Rogers case is different then some others in very important ways.

Plaxico Burress: He was not licensed to carry a hand gun and he discharged his weapon in a night club. So, to recap, Burress could not legally have his weapon and he brought it into an environment where a bunch of hormonal intoxicated people are hanging out late at night.

Gilbert Arenas: I can't remember if he had a license for his weapons. I guess some details were blocked in my mind by the shock of finding out Gil pooped in his teammate's shoe (yes, this actually happened). He did however bring guns into the locker room to threaten a teammate. The threat may have been in jest, regardless it was a very, very bad idea.

Delonte West: Delonte was merely traveling on his motorcycle, so not in any situation where having a gun is somehow more dangerous due to the circumstances. Delonte, however, did not have a license to carry the weapons.

Shaun did have a license (unlike Delonte). He was not brandishing the weapon (Arenas). He did not bring it into a public place on his person where a number of intoxicated people would be there to make poor decisions while probably having a few beverages himself (Burress). What Rogers did was first class dumb but not really anything too awful. He didn't really bring the gun in a place that inherently heightens danger. I am pretty sure he is a proud American, not a threat to our nation. Yes, what Shaun did was illegal and he has to face the consequences. He isn't a bad or dangerous guy because of this. He just did something really stupid. Not even stupid like getting really drunk and making an ass out of yourself. More like stupidly forgetting to tie his shoe. It's just that instead of tripping he violated a serious gun law. He seemed very contrite and aware of how dumb his mistake was when he spoke to the media. Rogers will be punished, but don't worry about some sort of major suspension or anything. I would be surprised if Rogers got a penalty from the NFL greater than a one game suspension.

On the Eagles trade:

The Browns clearly won this deal on talent. Sheldon Brown was available because he wanted a new contract and Philly didn't want to give him one. Randy Learner has never had a problem dipping into his considerably deep pockets for the Browns. Now with no cap the team is really taking advantage. Sheldon will get a new contract and will seriously upgrade the secondary immediately. Going into last season, Scouts Inc. gave Brown a 75 overall grade, good for a tie as the 22nd best cornerback in the NFL. Considering 64 corners are NFL starters, that's pretty solid. For comparisons sake, Eric Wright (a solid number two corner in my opinion) graded a 70 going into this season. Brown didn't hurt himself, with 51 tackles and a career high 5 picks. In addition the Browns add Chris Gocong who should at the very least be in the mix and very well may start at OLB. He was a productive linebacker in Philly and at the very least represents an upgrade over the talented but raw Alex Hall. Giving up 4th and 5th round picks is a small price, especially considering the Browns wealth of draft picks. If there is a guy they really want, they can grab him with one of their other picks in the first three rounds.

Now, with Sheldon Brown on one side and Eric Wright on the other the Browns are much much stronger at the cornerback position. Brandon McDonald, in my opinion, can still be a very good nickel corner if the Browns choose to keep him. I think it is now even more imperative that the Browns do what needs to be done to get Eric Berry in the first round. A secondary with Brown, Wright, Elam, and Berry could be very formidable. Brown may have only two or three good years left in him (he may also have four or five, who knows) but this is a move to improve the team right now. I like it a lot.

Jack Bacevice


  1. I really,really,really like the trade, we addressed two problem areas with guys who will be starting. No way they could have done this well with the draft picks we traded away. Lets go get an impact player on offense and one of the second round QB's and I think this team is on the right track.

  2. I don't think Rogers will get any suspension at all. So we all know the Browns will be drafting a QB, so who is it going to be? My money is on McCoy. If you don't think that they will be drafting a QB high you are nuts because Holmgren learned from Wolf and the first thing Wolf did is get Favre and the first thing Holmgren did in Seattle was get Hassleback, Holmgren would have already traded for the QB if he liked one in the league so this means he has one picked out in the draft instead.

  3. I sort of agree with you on McCoy, I think he is the type of player that Holmgren will like a lot. He is also a player that proved people wrong at the college level and I think he will do that again in the pros.