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After giving it a lot of thought, here is the Browns draft in review...

By: Jeremy Poe

The old saying that where there is smoke, there is fire proved to be nothing more than just an old saying in the inaugural Holmgren draft party. After ridiculous rumor after even more ridiculous rumor, it seemed as though the Browns were poised to drop a bombshell into Cleveland's version of the Super Bowl...the NFL Draft. However, what seemed to be a potentially explosive move by the Browns brass in acquiring the number one pick from the Rams turned out to be a mere smoke bomb. And I'm pleased to say that I'm glad it wasn't C4!

The Browns stuck to their guns at #7 and took what they felt was the best player on their board. I cannot fault them for doing so. Until Joe Haden steps onto the Cleveland Browns Stadium grass, we won't really know whether that is true. However, on the surface it seems to me as though they may have reached a bit for the former Gator. Not to mention that cornerback may not have been as pressing of a need after acquiring Sheldon Brown from the Eagles.

For months I had been saying on this very site that I believed that Rolando McClain was exactly the type of player that the Browns defense desperately needed. Sure enough, he goes one pick later to the Rrraiders! Being someone who hates all the draft grades that people give out as if it is an elementary school math test, I will just say that I feel the choice of Joe Haden was decent, but not great.

T.J. Ward? I'm not saying he won't be a good player but does anyone remember hearing his name mentioned at any time during the Rose Bowl? This pick was average at best for now. Hopefully I look like an idiot a couple of years from now when he is voted to the Pro Bowl.

I have to say I love the choice of Montario Hardesty as their other second round pick. Yes Jerome Harrison had a freakish finish to last season but the jury is still out on whether he can do it for an entire season, let alone for multiple seasons down the road. I remember that Hardesty was one of the most highly recruited backs coming out of high school. He battled a lot of injuries his first few years in Knoxville which kept him from becoming a household name. But, he did have a monster season for a pedestrian Tennessee team. He is a big, physical runner with breakaway speed and has decent hands out of the backfield (check his stats!). The NFL has adapted to a two-back system and although he might not be the electric open-field runner that Buffalo drafted, you heard it here when I say that Hardesty will be the best back to come out of this draft in the next 5 years!

The only other significant draft choice the trio of Holmgren, Heckert, and Mangini I have saved for last and certainly not least. The biggest splash of the Browns draft was by far choosing the tough little kid from Texas in Colt McCoy. He is the absolute perfect fit to run a west-coast offense which leads me to believe that Brian Daboll will most likely be shown the door at the end of the season so that Holmgren and his staff can install his system with a new coordinator. McCoy is deadly accurate, has excellent mobility out of the pocket, and has an itchy trigger finger-like release which suits the west-coast offense best. His overall arm strength may need improvement and that causes some concern seeing as how he will have to play in some extremely adverse weather in the middle of winter in Cleveland. Despite this, the choice of McCoy was in my opinion a great pick for now and hopefully in the next 5-10 years.

The other choices were nothing to get excited about, but overall on paper the Cleveland Browns had a decent draft. Let's hope it turns out to be more than that!


  1. "The other choices were nothing to get excited about..."

    REALLY? Do you even follow football closely?

    WR Carlton his highlights and your jaw will drop at his breakaway speed and size.

  2. Like you said, we will not now until the season begins. The only question mark to me is Ward, would have liked Kindle and then maybe Wright from FLA late in the third round.

  3. I can't believe that the Raiders, Seattle, and San Francisco all had better drafts that would have fit the Browns roster better than the Browns draft did. Matt Millen is my grade for the Browns on this draft.