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What The Fans Expect of The Browns In 2010-2011

By: Brian Murtaugh

The Cleveland Browns have suffered some dismal seasons over the last several years and fans all over the world are getting tired of seeing hopeful off-seasons turned into on the field disasters. Success for the Browns can be measured in several different ways in 2010-2011. Here are the top five things that I feel the organization and the fans will be looking for when Cleveland takes the field this year.

#5 Continued Progress In the Running Game:
The Browns finished off last season with four consecutive wins and the running game was a huge part of their success. James Davis went down with an injury early in the season just as the Browns were beginning to scratch the surface of his talents. Unfortunately for Davis, Jerome Harrison took over the role as the featured back for Cleveland and blew the opposition away. Harrison rushed for a total of 570 yards over the last three games of the year which included a 286 yard performance against Kansas City. Now that Monterio Hardesty is also in the mix with the other running backs, Browns fans will expect the running game to be effective every single week.

#4 The Chatter About Eric Mangini Will Cease:
The only way your job is safe as an NFL coach is if you win games consistently. Unfortunately for Eric Mangini, winning was not something the Browns did very often until the final quarter of the season. Talks of Mangini getting fired were all over the sports world after last season ended but new president Mike Holmgren was quick to endorse Mangini whenever he took over operations for the Browns. If the Browns become a team that can win consistently in 2010-2011 then the talks of Mangini being on the hotseat will cease and Cleveland will have time to focus on other pressing matters.

#3 The Defense Will Improve:
The Browns defense of last year definitely had its ups and downs. Coach Ryan sometimes looked lost roaming the sidelines but after all was said and done, the Browns were still ranked 22nd in points allowed per game. Now don’t get me wrong, 22nd is not nearly good enough for a team to be a consistent winner but compared the 32nd (dead last) overall rating in yards allowed per game, it doesn’t seem too bad. The Defense made great strides over the last few games of last season and many people expect them to continue to improve. Off-season acquisitions like Joe Haden, Sheldon Brown, and Scott Fujita can only help when it comes to shutting down opposing offenses.

#2 Jake Delhomme Will Make Smart Decisions:
Lets face it, Jake Delhomme was not brought in to be the savior of the Cleveland Browns franchise. Delhomme was simply brought in to be a mentor to a young Colt McCoy and to manage the football game. Even though Jake is coming off a terrible season, the Browns seem confident in the fact that he can be the same guy that took the Panthers to a Superbowl a few years ago. The Browns expect Delhomme to be a leader in the locker room while making smart decisions with the football on the field. If Jake can manage to do both of those things, he will have a successful tenure in a Browns uniform

#1 The Fans Expect A Better Product On The Field:
Cleveland has been suffering through sports seasons for far too long. The Indians have not panned out to much over the last few seasons and LeBron basically tore the whole city in half with his decision to go to Miami. That leaves the Browns and the endless stream of optimism that follows them heading into week one of every year. The Browns do not have to make the playoffs in 2010-2011 in order for this season to be considered a success. Cleveland has to put a good product out on the field every week and give the city a team they can be proud of. If the Browns can remain competitive and in a playoff hunt into the second half of the season, it will give the organization and the city a much needed boost.


  1. I really think our season success rests on delhomme. If he can avoid turning the ball over and not try to be a 300 yards, 40 throws in game we have pieces to be a decent team. I really like the depth we are building as that was something we never had

  2. While the Browns may show some signs of improvement, a playoff season is out of the question. We got Delhomme for a song, and why? because of his terrible play and decision making in carolina. Will he have success in Cleveland? Doubtful, all you have to do is look at the long parade of unsuccessful quarterbacks that have come and gone through this organization for countless years now. The running game may be improved, but our receiving corp is still a smattering of guys that show flashes of greatness but no consistency. Overall, I'm not counting on much of an improvement. We still lack talent in alot of areas and our draft picks won't add much to our overall team this season. The schedule is tough, and the browns will be hard pressed to be anything more than a 6-10 team this season. Unfortunately I expect Mangini to be canned even though I believe he is making the most out of what little talent we have.

  3. I have been a Browns Fan all of my life. I am 58 years old , the last time the Browns won a championship I was 13 ywars old.
    Every year I come into each seaxon with two of my friends....gaurded optimism and impending doom. The years of fan frustration has simly been because of mis management and poor draft decisions but it goes deeper than that, so goes the city so goes the team. So as Detroit the Browns in Cleveland have no real chance of succeeding as much as many of us want them to. Until such time as the city recognizes its leadership is poor and the decisions being made by those of diversity are ruining the beloved city. The neighborhodd I was brought up and raised in is now a ghetto. The Ziggy's cloud hanging over professional sports in Cleveland is because of mis managemrnt of the City of Cleveland.
    There are two things you will never see in Cleveland...a victory parade and the sky! I wish my Browns the best but between the political scandles and the fear people have to walk the streets the cloud of ineptitude will continue and the Browns record will reflect the condition of the city itself.