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Why Not, Cleveland?

Why Not, Cleveland?

I have been following Cleveland sports for my entire life and I always have the same question going through my mind, why not, Cleveland? What I mean by this, is why do the big name players not want to come here, or, why do Cleveland teams not try to get them here? For example, we have the whole summer Cavaliers fiasco and Tracy McGrady, Allen Iverson and Shaq are still on the market and we have not made any serious attempts at acquiring any of these players. Why not? What does Cleveland have to lose now? We can pretty much guarantee that with no big names and no great talent that by the end of the season, the seats will be empty. Sure fans will come in the beginning to show support with Mr. South Beach gone, but without a winning team, that is just temporary. So how long do we have to wait until Cleveland becomes one of those places that really try to win?

Let’s switch this over to the Cleveland Browns. Why did the Browns not go after T.O? Is it because of the off the field issues, or even the on the sideline issues? WHO CARES! He is a good football player at a position that we really need a veteran player with some talent. Instead, now we have to play against him 2 times this year, along with Ocho and Antonio Bryant. That should be entertaining. I say you have to fight fire with fire and Cleveland always seems to fight fire with lollipops and cotton candy.

I guess in the end, maybe someday, we will realize that you need to do what all the other teams do to win a championship, obviously, because everyone else finds ways to win while we sit back and wonder, why not, Cleveland?

Adam Stokes


  1. LOL. You're and idiot. We don't want him.

  2. T.O. is washed up and a cancer in every locker room he ever entered,Im glad the staff is passed on the stiff.

  3. obviously it has worked out well with cincinnati, because they are always winning championships. the man is a scrub and not worth even close to the headache he brings to a young, developing team.

  4. Iverson has serious Alcohol problems, Shaq is a 325 pound 38 year old behemoth who is more interested in how cool he looks than obviously getting in and staying in shape, and T-Mac, God bless him I hope he makes a decent comeback, but he is so beat up he couldnt post more than 8PPG last season when he did play. T.O. is a guy who is so self-absorbed that when a coach told him to go home for being late, he called the media and worked out in his drive-way. The man has yet to grow up and he doesnt fit the Mangini/Holmgren/Heckert build of smart, educated, mature but young players that Cleveland is looking for at the moment. That is why not, Cleveland.