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Should we be excited? This is a tough one because its only been 1 preseaon game and we still just barely sqeeked it out. BUT, that win was really fun to watch. In my eyes, the offense looked very good, a million times better than last year, and we may have something to look forward to in that area. Delhomme looked crisp and confident in the pocket and was hitting his passes with perfect precision, something we are not used to in Cleveland. And our recievers seemed to be more confident as well, running good routes and giving Delhomme good targets. Seneca Wallace looked a little sketchy with his first couple passes, but when he needed his ability to roll out and throw on the run, he sure showed everyone that he has no problems there. When the next couple series rolled around he seemed to settle down and throw the ball really well, obviously hitting a big touchdown. Then there was Colt McCoy, and I think everyone who was thinking, why are we not giving him a chance? Now you have your answer, he is just not ready and wont be for a while. Lastly with the offense, the running backs look solid, as long as Vickers is there to block and Harrison and Hillis are healthy, I dont see any reason why we will struggle running or stretching out and recieving.

Defense on the other hand had its moments. We are probably all praying at night that Eric Wright never gets hurts again. Sorry Haden, but you got picked on by a very good Quarterback and a veteran reciever and it let your rookie colors fly in the wind. TJ Ward also had a bad coverage play or 2,especially when Haden blitzed and he needed to drop back into coverage and got burned, but he shook it off and flew around hitting people for the rest of the time. And, Sheldon Brown, nice hit on Grant. If we can tighten up that secondary a little bit, we should be doing alot better this year compared to last year.

Last but not least, Josh Cribbs. I wish we would have got the pleasure of some Cribbs explosion on saturday but it seems like we will just have to wait. We all know what he can do returning the ball, but I really wanted one or two wildcat play with Seneca on the field so we can get a feel of that duo together. There is always this week for that.Looking forward to and exciting season!


  1. I'd rather not show our hand with the Cyclone/Wildcat package honestly. Personally I won't be bothered if we don't use it much in the first two regular season games unless absolutely needed. I hope we drop the rock on the Ravens.

  2. Sometimes, the experts aren't the experts! Like I do every year, I send the Browns front office, a list of players I feel they should draft. This year, I included, Zoltan Mesko, the punter out of Michigan. These are the things good teams do later on in the draft. I believe we could use him now wouldn't you agree? Plus, he is from the Cleveland area. Also, I live in Dallas, and right now, the Cowboys are worried about their Place Kicker kicking field goals. As I said in my many faxes to the Browns front office, call the Cowboys and offer Phil Dawson. Jerry Jones has been known to overpay for a player. We could steal a number one pick from them, but, definately receive a number two.

    Prediction: I told the Browns in my many faxes, NOT to draft this guy, but Colt McCoy will do NOTHING, and I'm looking good on that one too.

  3. Hey I just saw this thing on Giant Eagle's facebook page where you can submit a tailgating/football party photo to win Browns tickets and on field passes. Also it looks like there will be a Browns vs. Steelers fan showdown of some sorts. Check it out, it looks cool. Here's the link: