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Browns Bye Week Overview: Part 1

October 26, 2010
By Jack Bacevice

I'm back. Again. Did you miss me? Of course you did. I am awesome. As for where I have been, I've been nowhere really. Just kinda been lazy. I've got plenty to say though as the Browns enter their week off. Let's look at this thing position-by-position for starters:

Quarterback: Well all three quarterbacks who opened the season on the Browns roster have started games. Their opening day depth chart order: 1) Jake Delhomme 2) Seneca Wallace) 3) Colt McCoy. The order in which they have positively impressed me this season: 1) Colt McCoy 2) Seneca Wallace 3) Jake Delhomme.

Before I get into each quarterback individually, I have one comment about them as a group. These guys are very professional and mature. When Mangini came in two years ago, he wanted to purge the locker room of all malcontents and "me first" players. When Holmgren took over the organization about 11 months later, the biggest similarity between the Mangini and Holmgren philosophy was that both put an emphasis on good people, high character guys. All three players, in what has been a tough 7 games for the quarterbacks, have put the team first. They all seem to have supported each other well. You can criticize the on field performance of each one, but their preparation and personality off the field has been impeccable.

Now, to look at each of the three quarterbacks individually.

Jake Delhomme opened the season as the starter and played nearly one healthy half. Additionally he has played two halves one a bad ankle. Delhomme is mature, and has had a pretty damn good career in the NFL. When the Browns signed him, I didn't like it. When he had a strong preseason, I was preparing the happily eat crow. As it stands now, Delhomme has played about 6 quarters of football. He has been hurt. He is 35 years old and on a team that should already be thinking about 2011. Realistically, I don't think he should be an option unless someone else is injured for the rest of the year. I just don't see how playing Delhomme helps this team out. We can't even be sure he gives this team it's best chance to win. It's possible he gives the Browns the third best chance to win out of three quarterbacks. Delhomme has had a great career and made plenty of money. If he wants to keep collecting checks, he would probably still be solid as a veteran backup. Otherwise, he may want to consider broadcasting/coaching/spending-time-with-his-family in 2011 and beyond.

Seneca Wallace took over after Delhomme pulled up lame. Wallace is younger than Jake, and could have a nice future here as a number two quarterback for the next few years. Wallace is exactly who I thought he was. A very capable backup who should not be the starter on a good team. He has a great attitude. He is team first. He is always well prepared. He can make some plays. He is pretty smart with the football. He carries himself like a professional. A good backup is extremely important in the NFL today. Wallace was solid when he started some games this season.

Colt McCoy got an opportunity he was never supposed to get this season. After a rash of ankle problems, McCoy has started the last two games. At the very least, he has shown enough to intrigue. He has played solid football against two very good teams. He has done so with a weak receiving corps, and an offensive line in flux. Allow me to beat a dead horse, but the number one thing you have got to be impressed with is what is going on with McCoy between the ears. He is smart with the football and very composed. Mentally, he is the anti-Derek Anderson. The biggest reason an NFL team DOESN'T want to throw a rookie out there at quarterback is you kinda don't want to screw the kid up in his mental development. There is such an enormous mental side to the NFL, and the quarterback does more thinking than any other two players combined. McCoy has also shown decent zip on his short and intermediate throws. Veterans have been impressed with his leadership and poise. We may have found a long term answer at quarterback. I stress "may." McCoy did what he did against Pittsburgh and New Orleans, both on the road, with only two real weeks working with the starters. He didn't even get many reps with most of the guys he is playing with during camp. Give him two more weeks, for four total weeks, with the 1s while preparing for New England and we could see an even better Colt McCoy for the rest of the season. The Browns have so many other holes, and will likely have a pretty high pick. It'd be great if taking a quarterback wasn't necessary. McCoy has given me hope for the future.

Check back tomorrow when I take a look at the running backs.

1 comment:

  1. Of course we missed you. I agree that it is a nice change of pace to at least have pros competing to start at QB. Your right on Jake doesn't help us, Wallace has a future with the Browns as a number 2 or 3. It depends if Colt can take controll as the longterm 1, if he can't he becomes the longterm 2 guy. I think Colt will do enough we don't have to use a number 1 on a QB, and that is very good for us going forward.